The Name Train is a unique baby gift!  

Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, this personalized wooden toy train is the perfect toy for your grandbaby. A gift of the new baby's name is a unique, personal touch always much appreciated and long remembered. 

Proud Mom and Dad can place the train in the baby's room on a shelf or dresser for all visitors to admire. It is a wonderful gift for children with uniquely spelled names.

As the child grows, he or she will learn to spell the name simply by playing with the train. By age 4, the child may lose interest in active play with the name train, and at that point it is sure to become a charming keepsake in the child's room.

Each car is appproximately 5 1/2" long, 4" high, and 1 1/2" wide. See Ordering Page for pricing.  

Toys for ages 0 and up
More Great Wooden Toys for Young Children

In addition to the name train, we offer the following toys for infants and toddlers that include little people who spark children's imaginations and provide for hours of creative play. The size of the little people, approximately 2" tall and 7/8" diameter, is approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as NOT presenting a choking hazard because it is too big to swallow. 
Toy Ambulance
Approx. 10" long, 8" high, 4" wide 
Includes stretcher and 5 people
Toy Fire Truck
Approx. 8" long, 7" high, 4" wide  
Includes 2 ladders and 3 people
Toy Farm Tractor
Approx. 18" long, 8" high, 4" wide 
Includes 2 barrels and 3 people
Toy Auto Transport
Approx. 19" long, 8" high, 5" wide 
Includes 4 cars and 6 people
Toy Noah's Ark
Approx. 18" long, 9" high, 11" wide 
Includes 8 animal pairs and 8 people
Toy Dump Truck
Approx. 10" long, 8" high, 4" wide 
Really dumps and includes 2 people
Toy Logging Truck
Approx. 26" long, 8" high, 5" wide 
Includes 7 logs and 2 people
Toy Alphabet Stool
Approx. 16" long, 10" high, 12" wide 
Includes  26 alphabet blocks
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"My kids still treasure their name trains after 20 years!" 

-Rhonda Peebler Niblo, Des Moines
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