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Bucket Ball
A game of skill: Using one finger, flip the ball off the flipper stick. Using just the right amount of pressure, the ball will land in the budget with a resounding "plop!" The game takes practice, and is not recommended for those who give up easily. 12" long, 12" high, 4" wide. 
Missile Launcher
Modeled after the Patriot Missile Launcher, launch a ping-pong ball missile simply by pressing the firing trigger at the rear of the toy. The missile travels high in the air and arches about 8-10 feet. The launcher's simple firing mechanism is powered by elastic ponytail holders. 3 missiles are included. 10" long, 4" high, 4" wide. 
Race Car
A simple toy powered by rubber bands. Hook the rubber band on the nail attached to the rear axle. Wind the car up by rolling it backwards, then let go! It will travel 4-5 feel with surprising speed. Includes 5 extra size rubber band "engines." Works on any flat surface - wood, concrete, even carpet. Approximately 7" long. 
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